A lonely girl walks into a room. All eyes stare at her intently, sizing up her next move. Then from the corner of her she sees a guy twitch then another, then another. It gets to a certain point where everyone in the room starts twitchimg.                 

Sadness overtakes her as she comes to the understanding that they are doing this to humiliate her, to subtly taunt her and to most importantly make her seem odd.       

How funny that word is, ODD. To be different from the rest. To stand out of a crowd. Why must this be her cross to bear?                                       

Then the realisation hits her hard. No two people are alike. We are all individualistic in our own unique way.                           ..                           

She starts to grin, then smile, then snicker, soon a full-on explosion of laughter errupts from her lips. She can do nothing to help it. She laughs because all she can do is laugh. She laughs at the sheer stupidity of humanity. She laughs to cover her sadness because she comes to the conclusion that most people will never reach this realization.


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