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The above numbers form the basis of every number imaginable. 

It is funny how something so insignificant can go such a long way. I mean can you believe a world without these fundamental building blocks.

Mathemtics wouldnt exist. As simple as that.

And only God knows where the world would be without Mathematics. Money would be extinct, civilization would be next to impossible and…….. to be frank I have no other worst case scenario but you get the point.

And the funny thing is we wouldn’t even realise impact of its extinction because that would be the norm. In some world the non-existence of numbers would be normal. Mind blowing.

This just goes to show that the smallest things make the biggest difference.

Deduct a lesson from this text as you please.


Why I Write?

Funny enough, I have never been asked this question. I guess it can be attributed to the fact that I tend to conceal all my work.

 Apparently it is a common question received by most writers. I thought I would try to tackle it. I already touched on it a bit in my “BIG WORDS” rant but I have this nagging feeling that it wasn’t enough. So here goes.

Imagine a nerdy girl in glasses with a halting stammer, crippling haliostasis and virtually no close friends. That was and is still me. (minus the haliostasis part. HOPEFULLY!!!) 

She finds solace in books. All kinds of books. She has mastered the art of reading atleast four to five books a week. Unknowingly preparing herself for her entrance into the blogsphere. 

But then one day she reads a book that sparks a fire in her. Like a chemical chain reaction she comes to the conclusion that to be truly free she must do what she loves……write.

By now I think you have realised ‘the unknown girl’ is me. (Please pardon my egoistic undertones.)

 I write because it is the best sense of freedom out there. 

Where in the real world I am limited by my many badges of honour (my ‘problems’), quite an exaggeration I must add, in the world of diction I am able to freely express myself in the way I see fit.

I am also able to gently prod people to my understanding of life. Giving them an insight into the many intricacies of my brain. This is, I think, is an achievement in itself.

Captivating Title

Too often, we are all prone to judge others for their mistakes, forgetting that we oursleves were at fault at one time or another for the same mistakes. Here the ever-popular phrase rings true “To err is to be human ……..”

That is why the need for constant self-examination, the word being constant, is key to the life of a well rounded humanbeing.

We all at some point need to question our actions and their subsequent consequences on not just ourselves but on others and the world in general. We need to sit down and not just relive our mistakes but our accomplishments too and our reactions towards them.

When this feat is effectively accomplished it will contribute to the greater development of our interpersonal and intrapersonal senses. This will lead to a better understanding of others.

This meaning that when we get to know ourselves, flaws included, we become more in tune with the feelings of others. 

This does not mean that we should question every step we take, making us insecure in the process. This just means we should humble ourselves enough to look at our mistakes and accomplishments objectively.