Captivating Title

Too often, we are all prone to judge others for their mistakes, forgetting that we oursleves were at fault at one time or another for the same mistakes. Here the ever-popular phrase rings true “To err is to be human ……..”

That is why the need for constant self-examination, the word being constant, is key to the life of a well rounded humanbeing.

We all at some point need to question our actions and their subsequent consequences on not just ourselves but on others and the world in general. We need to sit down and not just relive our mistakes but our accomplishments too and our reactions towards them.

When this feat is effectively accomplished it will contribute to the greater development of our interpersonal and intrapersonal senses. This will lead to a better understanding of others.

This meaning that when we get to know ourselves, flaws included, we become more in tune with the feelings of others. 

This does not mean that we should question every step we take, making us insecure in the process. This just means we should humble ourselves enough to look at our mistakes and accomplishments objectively.


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